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DIET Diagnosis: Navigating The Maze of Health and Nutrition Plans

Discover the proven formula used to beat belly-fat, fatigue, food addictions, and how you can apply this system to your life to experience super-abundant energy and vitality!

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  • Why Most Dieters Fail Miserably: Learn the diet pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • How To Break The Diet Cycle...Forever!: Learn about the healthiest foods and the secrets to diet success
  • The 3-Step Solution To Achieve Any Health Goal: Implement all the best strategies from the BOOK with your personalized wellness blueprint

Meet the DD Endorsers

Michael Roizen, MD — #1 NY Times Bestselling Author

Nico's enthusiasm for sharing the Healthnut way — a lifestyle guided by informed choices that enable physical and spiritual vitality — shines throughout this comprehensive guide on how to be a thoughtful food consumer. From toxins to fad diets to GMOs to cholesterol, Nico speaks to the hot topics at the edge of nutrition to make his points accessible to all readers interested in addressing health where it starts: on your plate.

JJ Virgin — NY Times Bestselling Author

More than just another weight loss book, David Nico's DIET DIAGNOSIS covers everything from detoxification to intermittent fasting, creating an easy-to-apply roadmap that helps you successfully navigate the ever-changing world of fat loss and optimal health to become your best self. A must read!

Larry Dossey, MD — NY Times Bestselling Author

If you are among the millions of Americans who struggle with obesity and are bewildered by the hundreds of diets that have come and gone, let Dr. Healthnut be your guide. Diet Diagnosis is based in good science and good sense. Dr. Nico's advice honors the integration of body, mind, and spirit, without which food doesn't nourish and diets don't work.

Bernie Siegel, MD — NY Times Bestselling Author

When one is ready to make a change and choose life this information is necessary. David's book Diet Diagnosis will help you in your transition. You can abandon your past and let this book become your life coach on the journey to better health.

Izabella Wentz, PharmD — NY Times Bestselling Author

Paleo? Vegan? Mediterranean diet? There is so much information (and misinformation) about nutrition in our world! Dr. David Nico’s book “Diet Diagnosis” will help you navigate the diet maze, and get you on the right track to not just weight loss, but to meet your health goals and truly nourish your body!

John La Puma, MD — NY Times Bestselling Author

Nico is a Healthnut master, and he lives and breathes well-being, which should be a primary goal of health care. His beautiful enthusiasm for your ability to make your own culinary medical, physical and spiritual choices can help you eat better, live better and refuel better. Nico helps you take your health into your own hands, where it rightfully belongs, with flavor and with love.

Dan Miller — NY Times Bestselling Author

As a life coach I see many people who have created strategies for career success. But those same people frequently have no plan for success in their health. In Diet Diagnosis, David Nico shares clear systems for being as intentional about success in your health as you would expect in business. It’s not genetics and it's not luck. It’s either having an intentional plan or not. You’ll love reading that you can create your own “Aha” moments through Awareness, Hope and Action. With no action plan in place, your health – and your business – will likely fail. Don’t take that chance.

Walter Bortz, MD — Stanford University Prof., Author

Out of the swarm of advisories that emerge daily on how best to fuel our precious machine few measure up to stellar status. David Nico’s DD book reflects his twenty year experience in extracting the essence of nutritional science. “A recipe to live by”.

Hyla Cass, MD — Bestselling Author

As a functional medical doctor, I am frequently asked  "what is the best diet?", so I am delighted to see Diet Diagnosis. It helps you discover your unique plan in a way that is easy to understand and apply. It is a powerhouse book of tips, tactics and approaches that simply work!

Brian Tracy — Top Selling Author

This fast-moving book shows you exactly what you can do to lose weight, sleep better and have more energy — all day long!

Holly Lucille, ND, RN — Naturopathic Physician, Author

There is nothing NUTS about Diet Diagnosis written by David Nico "Dr. Healthnut"! In fact it is a spot on ultimate resource when it comes to navigating the maze and craze of diets and health in our modern day! Bravo, what a fun and engaging read and another tool I have for my patients who truly just want to feel amazing!

Jeff Levin, Ph.D. — Baylor / Duke Professor, Author

What a fantastic book! David Nico has written one of the most comprehensive yet practical and easy-to-follow books on healthy living that I’ve ever read. A primer on wellness and the food industry, a multifaceted life plan, a summary of the best research on diet and nutrition—Diet Diagnosis has everything you need to remake yourself into a healthier and fitter you. With Dr. Nico’s help, we can all become Healthnuts while enjoying the journey of transformation.

Michael A. Smith, MD — Sr. Scientist, Author

“How can I lose weight” is the wrong question. Or at least not the question we should be asking first. Instead, we should approach our Nation’s weight problem by asking, “Why Am I gaining weight in the first place.” David’s book Diet Diagnosis will help you understand the “why” of weight gain and then follow that with the “how” of weight loss. You’ll finish his book with a clear plan for lasting weight loss success.

Julius Torelli, MD — Cardiologist, Author

Trying to make sense of the jumble of published nutritional programs is a real challenge, especially since many of them seem to conflict. With this comprehensive, practical and useful book, Dr. Nico has provided a wonderful reference to help guide us through this nutritive maze.

Christopher P. Neck, Ph.D. — Assoc. Professor, Author

Ever feel like you can't believe the news you read about diet and nutrition advice because it is constantly changing and contradicting? If your answer to this question is “YES” then Diet Diagnosis is a must read for you! David Nico shares cutting edge knowledge and research in a very easy to read format. This book is the definitive guide on the what, why, and how about diet and nutrition.

Trent Orfanos, MD — Assoc. Professor, Cardiologist

To lose weight and regain your health you need a lifetime plan. Dr. Nico not only does an excellent job of outlining the maze of different diets out there but more importantly gives you the blueprint to end the diet cycle. Find your aha! Choose your healthnut fans that will inspire you, keep you accountable, and accompany you on your journey to optimal health!

Beni Johnson — Pastor Bethel Church, Author

Diet Diagnosis is packed with great information. In this insightful book, Dr. Healthnut breaks away from the one size fits all mentality about healthy diet and lifestyle by exploring a variety of options to help individuals find what works best for them. Oftentimes, finding what works can be a confusing process, but this book will give readers clear direction for discovering their path to health. We all have our own journey, and I believe Diet Diagnosis provides the tools to navigate that journey helping us to make wise decisions toward overall health.

Alan Gruning, DO — President of ICHW

David Nico has a wealth of knowledge about the world of health and wellness and has created a book that takes the reader on a journey into the complicated issues we are dealing with today. However, he has made it easier to understand and follow a plan to get you and your family healthy long term. His well thought out steps will guide you into a healthier life, free of the toxins that are poisoning our systems, and loaded with the nutrients we need to fight off the diseases that are ravaging our world. Forget the quick fix plans that only work short term. I highly recommend Diet Diagnosis for anyone wanting to start the journey to long lasting health and wellness.

Ross Pelton, RPh, PhD — "The Natural Pharmacist"

If you are confused about diets or interested in learning about different diets and which kind of diet might work best for you, then David Nico’s book Diet Diagnosis will be a valuable resource for you. The subtitle for Dr. Nico’s book tells it all: Navigating The Maze of Health and Nutrition Plans. David really does discuss and explain the details of every type of diet imaginable from low-carb to Paleo, from low-fat to vegetarian, from fasting to Mediterranean, and from gluten-free to diets for athletes. But, Diet Diagnosis is more than just a survey of different types of diet programs. It discusses a wide range of important topics like GMO, artificial sweeteners, agricultural toxins, the underlying causes of obesity, plus a healthy dose of encouragement to find the diet that works best for you. If you are either confused about diets or just interested in learning more about the dozens of different types of diet program, then Diet Diagnosis will be an excellent resource for you.

Nathan Goodyear, MD — Functional Medical Doctor, Author

Healthy living or Disease living begins with what you put in your mouth. In Diet Diagnosis, David Nico helps his readers move beyond gimmick-based diets, which rarely provides longstanding weight loss, to a personalized, life-style change that provides life-long Wellness. Wellness requires solutions and solutions to the Obesity epidemic require identification of the contributors to Obesity. Dr. Nico identifies some of the contributors to Obesity, the obstacles to Wellness found in Obesity, the misguidance found in the weight loss industry and tackles them head on to provide real life, Healthnut solutions to Healthy living. Dr. Nico makes the complex understandable in Diet Diagnosis. The Healthnut bullet points provide easy application steps for everyday Healthy living. Read Dr. Nico’s book to find easy Healthnut steps to move from Disease living to Healthy living.

Warren Levin, MD — Integrative Physician, Author

The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions”. The multiple “Roads to Health” are paved with the good intentions of the many Philosophies of a swarm of Practitioners of various certifications, all of whom can be assumed to be cultivating their patients according to their diverse trainings by a plethora of teachers who were in turn guided by their mentors, ad infinitum. Sometime in the 20th century, Science began accumulating facts upon which to base dietary advice, and a veritable flood of “How to – “ books have appeared, disappeared and reappeared in different covers, because the fact is, diet is a major factor in everybody’s Life and Well-being, and many myths and erroneous notions have been promulgated in good faith, occasionally leading to the wrong road. David Nico’s book is a comprehensive collection of almost all of the sensible diets available – (I don’t know what he missed, but I think it is safer to say “almost”) He also gives important help for determining your best choice, with alternatives if it doesn’t work out the first time. To Your Health.-- A Votre Santé.-- L’Chaim

Dr. Mary Ruth Swope — Professor, Bestselling Author

I have known David Nico and his family for several years. At age 95, and in excellent health, I may be the Senior Nutrition Educator who will wholeheartedly endorse this excellent new book. Dr. Nico shares helpful tips, insightful strategies, and practical approaches that can work for anyone. Although most people struggle with dieting, I believe this book has great potential for helping Americans and others world-wide find a better pathway to health and nutrition. Tell your friends and family members to get this book!

Skip Prichard — Leadership Guru, Past CEO of Ingram

David Nico, PhD, affectionately known as Dr. Healthnut, wants to inspire all of us to live healthier. His new book, Diet Diagnosis: Navigating the Maze of Health and Nutrition Plans is a recipe for health. In his book, he patiently walks through all of the various confusing diet plans, explaining them in an easy to understand way that will help you make the decisions that are right for you.

Table of Contents

  • Part One: Dr. Healthnut World

    Part One explains why you have a desire to live at your ideal weight and three major causes of OB. Why do you struggle? Contributing to the problem is the plethora of diets that bombard you with contradictory messages about weight loss. In chapter 1, you’ll learn the three major causes of OB. Chapter 2 describes some of the diet marketing techniques that keep dieters captive year after year. In chapter 3, you’ll also learn how to identify the program that works best for you by introducing you to the Healthnut Life.

  • Part Two: Dr. Healthnut Decode

    Part Two helps you decode several diets. Chapter 4 reviews the typical American diet and the three major diets. Chapter 5 discusses the three most popular diets. In chapter 6, you’ll discover three specialty diets. You’ll also learn why calorie-counting is not necessarily part of successful long-term dieters’ lifestyle plans.

  • Part Three: Dr. Healthnut No-No's

    Part Three explains what is most damaging to your metabolism. You’ll gain an understanding of the foods that are harmful because they contribute to addictive eating patterns, destroy your metabolism, and prevent you from sustaining a healthy weight. Chapters 7, 8, and 9 inspire you to avoid negative habits by revealing toxic food culprits that prevent you from ever losing weight or body fat. In chapter 11, you’ll uncover the champion toxin, which may surprise you. Chapter 12 describes the three toxins we commonly consume that our bodies do not recognize as food. In chapter 13, you’ll learn the differences between three stimulants that disrupt homeostasis.

  • Part Four: Dr. Healthnut Real

    Part Four helps you shift from fake to real foods. Chapter 14 demystifies the three healthy food principles. You’ll also learn about the three real food types. Chapter 15 teaches you how to eat like a healthnut. You’ll know which foods are better for you. In chapter 16, you’ll learn how to self-test to assess which foods work well by listening to your body.

  • Part Five: Dr. Healthnut Action

    Part 5 instructs you to take action—the healthnut way. You’ll create your roadmap for the lifestyle that works for you. Chapter 17 shows you the Healthnut Life by providing the healthy lifestyle principles that you adopt into your personalized program. In chapter 18, you’ll create your own plan based on the principles you align with from the book. You decide what you will eat or won’t eat. the program will provide the framework to encompass whichever foods you specifically include over the seasons of your life, as long as you are choosing to incorporate real foods into your lifestyle plan, you will inevitably and even immediately see healthier results. Finally, chapter 19 summarizes the ultimate perspective for sharing your newfound lifestyle.

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Meet the Author

David Nico, PhD "Dr. Healthnut," is the forerunner of The Healthnut movement and the author of the inspiring book Diet Diagnosis. His passion is to help leaders live well so they can model vitality, inspire vision, and create legacy—he's like a one-stop-doc for wellbeing. With multidisciplinary experience, education, and training, he is an advocate for wholeness in spirit, soul, and body. Be sure to check out his health and lifestyle tips airing on DirectTV, ClearVision, Dish, and the On Campus Media television networks.

I am very much more aware of how exercise is vital for me as I am sitting most of the work day. I have been exercising at the gym minimum 3 x a week. The awareness of what Dr. Healthnut has brought to me has created so many positive changes in my diet. I'm now feeling and seeing a difference in a short amount of time! I am honored to highly recommend him...I say this with over 12 years of having coaches, mentors, and counselors who have given me wise council along the way. They were incredible coaches and leaders and then I met David Nico. He's Gold!

Dr. Becky Dr. Becky

I've been reducing portions and limiting fatty and high-calorie foods and drinks. Just making this small adjustment, I've lost 10 lbs. in 3 weeks! Now starting to add some simple lifestyle adjustments to keep up the momentum, such as taking stairs instead of the elevator at the office. I'm sleeping better and feeling great with just a few simple changes! in just one week!

Drew Drew

I'm fired up and loving this! Dr. Healthnut has been so inspiring! I have been eating more organic/non-gmo real foods since starting with this group. This is week 3 and my fibromyalgia already feels 30-50% better with less body aches and brain fog! I had a serious junk food and sugar addiction, and am overcoming this habit by intentionally using the tools that David so graciously has given us. It gives us the power to make healthy choices and have fun while doing it! Renewing our minds that lead to a healthy spirit, soul and body 🙂 Rom 12:1

Beth Beth

"Diet Diagnosis" is a treasure map to better health with nuggets on every page. I love your writing style that is clear, forthright and packed with great information to help us make our own choices about how best to improve our health. I have lost 8+ lbs. since beginning with you Dr. David; I'm walking consistently and setting goals for myself that I am sticking to. I have more energy and determination to succeed. I know this is a permanent lifestyle change for me that will reap great benefits.

Patricia Patricia

This book is dynamic! Other diets are boring because it's the same food all the time. You have to enjoy eating healthy. Feeling really blessed! Since I have been making changes to my diet I have seen my daily blood sugar levels drop by an average of 20 points every time I test my sugar levels compared to the average prior to making changes in my diet. As for losing weight, I know I have lost weight because my pants and shorts are getting very loose to the point that I am starting to feel that I need to purchase a smaller waist size!

Ron Ron

I have been inspired by the Healthnut Plan in so many ways. It is a significant tool to organize my thoughts about my hopes, ideas, support, and action steps to live in a true state of Health. It is simple to create the plan by filling in the blanks to help me get into motion. I recognize that it was the “support” ingredient that was missing from my efforts. I am now cooking more, moving more, planning more, and choosing more as I now am mindful of all aspects of my health I need for health - body and soul. Thank you Dr. Healthnut!

Pam Pam

So excited! It’s taken years for us to be intentional about making changes. Partly because there are so many confusing and impractical systems out there. This is not a system, but a way of life that benefits the way our bodies realistically function! We’ve taken it seriously and have taken the intentional steps Dr. Nico recommends and have seen great progress in just three weeks! Our shopping list looks completely different. We’ve been very intentional about water. We have seen such a difference in our energy levels. We even had headaches for days coming off of junk just to show the effect this was having on our bodies.  We now start with a healthy breakfast after not having eaten breakfast for most of our adult lives and it’s making a huge impact and key to a greater quality of life! I love the community aspect of doing this together. Diet Diagnosis is awesome!

Claudia Claudia

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